Pamela Meigs


Testimonials (2014)

"Pam Meigs is devoted to this community. Pam has brought her intelligence and her insight to her leadership on our Planning Commission and to her support of countless Ross Valley successes. Pam gets things done. Pam is an excellent steward of the Ross Valley. Everything she does, Pam does with a careful eye to protect both the people and the nature of our community."

Mary Ann Maggiore, Former Mayor of Fairfax, President and Executive Director Five for FiveType

"I fully endorse Pam for Ross Valley Sanitary District Board Member. I know she would work hard with passion, commitment, and as a team player. She cares about our community."

Rich Danon, Fairfax

"I have worked with Pam for over 15 years and have worked closely with her as a RN team member in some very challenging situations. I believe Pam is an excellent choice for the Ross Valley Sanitary Board as I have directly observed her team working abilities, community building activities, her ability to prioritize multiple needs and , of course, her ability to keep perceptive with calm and humor."

Ellen Gardner, RN, San Anselmo

"I would be proud to endorse Pam for RVSD Board."

Ryan O'Neil Co-Chair Fairfax Open Space Committee

"I whole-heartedly endorse Pamela Meigs; she is a great candidate for the Sanitary District. I think her previous experience will serve the community well!"

Patty Bredt, Fairfax

"Pam Meigs has been a steadfast member of our community. She has demonstrated ability and strength of character over the years. Pam is always ready to respond to neighbors' needs and can be counted on to step forward to volunteer in an emergency. Her creativity and cooperative spirit are well known traits that define the kind of responsible and caring person she is."

Niccolo Caldoraro and Ann Sheldon, Fairfax

"You have my enthusiastic endorsement. Your depth and leadership will be a great asset for the Ross Valley Sanitary District."

Larry Bragman, Former Mayor of Fairfax and Current Fairfax Council Member

"I have worked with Pam Meigs for about three years on the Fairfax Open Space Committee, which I presently chair, and, for the last year, on the Open Space Element of the Fairfax General Plan. Pam's tireless energy, coupled with her dedication to her community, make her an ideal candidate for the Sanitary District and I am confident that, in that role, she would represent the citizens of Ross Valley with a fabulous combination of devotion, integrity, intellect, humor and grit. Pam's commitment to preserving our environment pervades her work. And, while she listens to a wide variety of voices and perspectives with an open heart and mind, she always stays true to her ideals. I have admired how she is able to work pragmatically with people who oppose her views to reach solutions that work to maximize the benefits to all. She is extremely capable and always well informed. Above all, Pam cares about people, the environment, and our community. I heartily endorse her candidacy for the Ross Valley Sanitary District Board."

Mimi Newton, Chair Fairfax Open Space Committee

"I have worked closely with Pam and found her to be highly skilled in public service. She brings a breadth of knowledge, insight, patience, and calm to the table. I believe Fairfax has benefitted from her years of diligence and work. Pam is an intelligent person of generous demeanor. In my mind, these qualities help greatly to get the business that needs to be done done. The public would be well-served by Pam and the effort and talents she would bring to the Board of the Ross Valley Sanitary District."

Diane Causey, Fairfax General Plan Advisory Committee, 2004-2010