Pamela Meigs


Endorsements (2014)

Anne Allen, Massage Therapist

John Amodeo, Ph.D, Author

Michael Ardito,  Fairfax Open Space Committee

Nicholas Arguimbau, Past Chair of the Fairfax Planning Commission

Bert Bartsch,Electrician

Denise Beck, Activist

Mark Bell, Helm Music

Alexander Binik, MFT

Essie Blau, RN, Past Marin Healthcare Board Member

Holly Bragman, Fairfax Parks and Recreation/Volunteers

Larry Bragman, Former Mayor of Fairfax, current Fairfax Councilman

Jonathan Braun, Founder and current member of San Anselmo Open Space Committee

Patti Bredt, RN

Ted Bright,  Fairfax Open Space Committee, Retired COM Math Instructor

Meg Brizzolara

Niccolo Caldararo, Past Fairfax Council Member

Jo Carson, RN

Paul Chignell, Former Mayor of San Anselmo

Tom Childers, Software Architect

Barbara Coler, Current Fairfax Councilwoman

William Combi, RN, Adjunct Professor

Sue Degan, RN

Democratic Central Committee of Marin

Hannah Doress, Hannah Doress Events

Frank Egger, Former Mayor of Fairfax,  current Ross Valley Sanitary District

Ronita Sundin Egger

Noreen Evans, California State Senate, District 2

Denise Ferry

Patty Garbarino,Marin Sanitary Serivce

Ellen Gardner, RN

Marnie Glickman, Green Party Chair for Marin County

Lee Glickstein, Founder and President Speaking Circles International

Renee Goddard, Fairfax Councilwoman

Ford Greene, Past Mayor and current San Anselmo Councilman

Morgan Hall, Local Architect

Pam Hartwell,  Former Mayor of Fairfax, Master Gardener

Diane Hoffman, Real Estate Agent

Bob Holtz, RN, CNS

Valeri Hood, Educator

Ruth Horn, Fairfax Open Space Committee

Mark Kapner, Event Organizer and Author

Larry Kennings, Planning Consultant

Arnold Knepfer

Jeff Kroot, Former San Anselmo Council

Dotty LeMieux, Attorney at Law

Joan Lisetor, Writer and Producer

Dr. Eva Long, Marin Community College District Trustee

Nancy McGee, 40 year resident of Sleepy Hollow

Marin Independent Journal

Mary Ann Maggiore, Past Mayor for the Town of Fairfax

Carole Simon Mills

​Elizabeth C. Moore, Ph.D, Senior Mortgage Consultant 

Kelly Moore

Ray Moritz, Arborist

​Anne Morrsion, Mayor of Larkspur

Mimi Newton, Chair, Fairfax Open Space Committee

Elsa Ng, MFT,Kentfieldresident

Laurie Oharatorres, Marin County Child Care Commissioner

Moira Olpaka, RN

Ryan O'Neil, Former Fairfax Town Council & 42 year Ross Valley Resident

Garril Page, Sleepy Hollow resident

Ruby Park, My 91 year old mother

Melanie Peratis, Fairfax Volunteers, Fairfax EcoFest, Fairfax Gardeners Alliance

Barbara Petty, Fairfax Treasurer

Ted Pugh, Managing Director, MasterDevCo

Jack Rader, Retired real estate appraiser, San Anselmo

John Reed, Former Mayor of Fairfax, current Fairfax Councilman

Jim Rice, Retired Tam District High School Teacher

Katie Rice,Marin County Supervisor, District 2

Mary Jo Rice, Associate Director: Earth Island Institute's International Marine Mammal Project

Jennifer Rienks, PhD, Marin Healthcare District Board Member

Sierra Salin

Judy Schriebman, Las Gallinas Sanitary District, Board Member

Bill Slocum,Owner of Bill's Barbershop, Larkspur

Shelley Scott, Novato School District, President

Sierra Club

Arijit Sen, Masters of City Planning, Student at UC Berkeley

Stephen Shaiken, Attorney

Ann Sheldon, Academic Coordinator

Ling Shien, Helm Music

Craig Slater

Nancy Spencer, RN

Mark Squire

Peter Sullivan, current Ross Valley Sanitary District

Duncan Sylvester, RN

George Taylor, MFT

Stephen Thomas, Union Electrician, Former Candidate for Congress

Barbara Thornton​Former San Anselmo Council Member

Claudia Tomaso, Fairfax Park and Recreation Committee

Trudy Totti, Principal, Plumb Products

Martha TureAuthor