Pamela Meigs

JUNE 5TH 2018

Working Hard For You

As an incumbent since 2010, I have protected the ratepayers both financially and environmentally.  My passion to serve the community stems from a philosophy to serve  "the greatest good for the greatest number,"  while aIso weighing each community member's needs and requests.   I understand the critical importance of planning  effectively for a sustainable future, while at the same time maintaining business practices at a high standard.  I have initiated better working relationships with CMSA and other RVSD municipalities.   I advocate transparency, integrity and honesty.  I am a strong team member who is able to evaluate and solve problems efficiently.

My background as a nurse has provided me with public health knowledge to serve as a key member of the Board.   The District must continue replacing the aging sewer infrastructure to protect community health and avoid costly fines.  As a RVSD Director,  I will continue to be devoted and diligent in solving our sewer replacement problems in a timely manner.  I respectfully request your support to continue my efforts for the Ross Valley Sanitary District.